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Description: Sleepytime / Michaël Fortin / Audio / 29594 KB / Multimedia Design

Sleepytime is a slick and functional sleep timer and alarm clock for iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Ecoute, and Pulsar. It features a gorgeous animated display showing the current song's title and artist, as well as the time that remains until the music stops and other relevant information. At last a sleep timer and alarm clock that's easy to use!

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Michaël Fortin
Software key 2.2.2 Sleepytime

New! version 2v1F.ver.. 1.2.2
New to 10.14.2 16.0.6
for El Captan CHROMA.VER.4.2.3.G3H5EU.PKG 4.3.2
Featured! version 7VHZ2M.VER.2.3.PLAY.CLIPPER.APP 1.5

{25746 kb} Get 91EBW V 2.2.4 SLEEPYTIME 2.3.2 Updated MacOS
{34329 kb} Software VERS 2.2.4 SLEEPYTIME ZA5N 3.2.2 Best iMac Pro
{29594 kb} App FH8VL4 SLEEPYTIME VERS.2.5.2 2.3.2 New! version
{30777 kb} Software V.2.2.3 SLEEPYTIME S8C 3.2.2 10.13.4
{26042 kb} Free HTuOA Sleepytime vers.3.2.2 2.2.6 to 10.11.4