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Zap Line
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Zap Line is a connect the colors game with a unique game play. Place the random shapes and colours into a line that connects two of the end points on the grid with the same color. You score points as you place the shapes and even more points when you connect a line between two end points. When the end points are connected, the placed hexes are removed and the end points placed in new random locations. As you play Zap Line, gems and gadgets are placed in random locations on the grid. You can collect the gems to play for packages of gadgets. Gadgets are useful for getting you out of tight jams or enabling you to zap a line.

Updated to OS X qigvo_version_1.08_zap_line.tar.gz {27703 KB}
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WeGame Corp.
Site: http://gowegame.com/ZapLine/

on El Captan VERS.1.3.2.REPIX.NWXKSD.APP 3.4
MacBook Air 0bOIKm_vers.1.2.6_Xccello.zip 1.3.3
Version Mojave 3.24.3.QCAD.9LY.APP 3.18.0
10.12.4 Avenue_Flo_vers_2.4_K2ESMQ.pkg 2.2

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